African Canadian Black history in Atlantic Canada

African Courier Africa and it's Diaspora - German Magazine

African Dance Ensemble - Multi National Performance Group

Afrowearhouse - Dela Wayo's online store

Baobab Tree Dance and drum group in Ottawa, Canada

Biakpa Mountain Paradise - Mountain Hideaway in Biakpa, Volta Region

Black History on

Black Lives Matter 

B.R.I.D.G.E - website of Jonathan Richter and Billy Hwang (former US Peace Corps guys who speak fluent Ewegbe)

Bro Joe's Catering Joe Matsakawo's catering service

C.E.A.N.A. online Council of Ewe Associations of North America

Chances Hotel 3-star hotel located near Ho, Volta Region

C. K. Ladzekpo Info on Ewe culture, drumming and dancing (C.K. Ladzekpo's bio)

Curtis Andrews - Canadian traveller who has a school built in his name in Dzogadze, Volta Region Kevin O'Sullivan received a Fulbright Scholarship and studied in Ghana during the 1994/95 academic year.
 The focus of his research in Ghana was on Anlo-Ewe music and dance, and its function at funerals.

Egbeviwo Mr. Godonu's music group

Etobicoke TaeKwoDo & Deh Camp Michael Deh's Family Recreational & Athletic Programs initiative

Ewe baptismal names - courtesy of Dodzi K Attah

Ewe History - @ C.E.A.N.A online

Ewe Kɛtɛ Cloth History

Ewe keyboard layout - from Kasahorow website. Windows, Mac and Linux

Ewe Lessons Online| Peace Corps - Link to pdf file on website - University of Cologne, Germany

Ewe Music - via the Bridging Development website

Ewegbe Spelling Dictionary - Firefox extension to check your Ewe spelling

Ghanaweb Home Page Ghanaian portal

Ghana Radio Stations online listen to real-time audio using Tune-in app

Ghana Travel Blogs - blogs about life in Ghana on

Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble Ewe Kete Weaver, Ghana

Global Mamas - Fair Trade Necklaces and Trading beads (dzonu)

Hillburi - A beautiful hideout in Aburi

Ho Asogli state - history of the Ho Asogli state

Interview with Leila Djansi - director of movie (I Sing Of A Well) courtesy of MIghTy African

James Burns Discusses Music of Ghana's Volta Region - Afropop WorldWide

Jolinaiko Eco Tours - group and individual group tours to Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso

Joy Online JoyFM's website - traditional songs from Avenorƒedo

Kofi Agorsor - Ghanaian artist

Kwasi Dunyo Ewe Master Drummer based in Toronto

Music Africa Non-profit organisation in Toronto promoting African culture in Canda. Organizers of AfroFest

NewsDay BBC Network Africa replacement programme

Okyeman Association of Toronto Website for the Okyeman Association

Ontario Black History Society

Osu Children's Library fund - an initiative from Kathy Knowles, Canadian from Winnipeg

Rising Phoenix Magic Beach Resort

Say It Loud Discussion forum Discussion forum for Ghanaians (ethnic tensions may flare up here; beware :)

Tamakloe family website - genealogy info on the Tamakloe family

The African-American Migration Experience Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

The History of the Caribbean Contribution to the UK NHS

The Ghanaian Chronicle A Ghanaian newspaper online

The Pitt Dance Ensemble, University of Pittsburgh - founded in 1983 by Ghanaian ethnomusicologist Willie O. Anku

The Slave ship: Fredensborg UNESCO information project

Touring Ghana   Tourism in Ghana

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database

Volta Aid Foundation   Ashley Bulgarelli & Alex Bansaga's foundation

Volta Association - Maryland, US

WorldReader - Non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child