African Canadian Black history in Atlantic Canada

African Courier Africa and it's Diaspora - German Magazine

African Dance Ensemble - Multi National Performance Group

Baobab Tree Dance and drum group in Ottawa, Canada

Biakpa Mountain Paradise - Mountain Hideaway in Biakpa, Volta Region

Black History on

Black Lives Matter 

Bro Joe's Catering Joe Matsakawo's catering service

C.E.A.N.A. online Council of Ewe Associations of North America

Chances Hotel 3-star hotel located near Ho, Volta Region

C. K. Ladzekpo Info on Ewe culture, drumming and dancing (C.K. Ladzekpo's bio)

Curtis Andrews - Canadian traveller who has a school built in his name in Dzogadze, Volta Region Kevin O'Sullivan received a Fulbright Scholarship and studied in Ghana during the 1994/95 academic year.
 The focus of his research in Ghana was on Anlo-Ewe music and dance, and its function at funerals.

Egbeviwo Mr. Godonu's music group

Etobicoke TaeKwoDo & Deh Camp Michael Deh's Family Recreational & Athletic Programs initiative

Ewe baptismal names - courtesy of Dodzi K Attah

Ewe History - @ C.E.A.N.A online

Ewe Kɛtɛ Cloth History

Ewe keyboard layout - from Kasahorow website. Windows, Mac and Linux

Ewe Lessons Online| Peace Corps - Link to pdf file on website - University of Cologne, Germany

Ewe Music - via the Bridging Development website

Ewegbe Spelling Dictionary - Firefox extension to check your Ewe spelling

Ghanaweb Home Page Ghanaian portal

Ghana Radio Stations online listen to real-time audio using Tune-in app

Ghana Travel Blogs - blogs about life in Ghana on

Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble Ewe Kete Weaver, Ghana

Global Mamas - Fair Trade Necklaces and Trading beads (dzonu)

Hillburi - A beautiful hideout in Aburi

Ho Asogli state - history of the Ho Asogli state

Interview with Leila Djansi - director of movie (I Sing Of A Well) courtesy of MIghTy African

James Burns Discusses Music of Ghana's Volta Region - Afropop WorldWide

Jolinaiko Eco Tours - group and individual group tours to Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso

Joy Online JoyFM's website - traditional songs from Avenorƒedo

Kofi Agorsor - Ghanaian artist

Kwasi Dunyo Ewe Master Drummer based in Toronto

Music Africa Non-profit organisation in Toronto promoting African culture in Canda. Organizers of AfroFest

NewsDay BBC Network Africa replacement programme

Ontario Black History Society

Osu Children's Library fund - an initiative from Kathy Knowles, Canadian from Winnipeg

Say It Loud Discussion forum Discussion forum for Ghanaians (ethnic tensions may flare up here; beware :)

Tamakloe family website - genealogy info on the Tamakloe family

The African-American Migration Experience Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

The History of the Caribbean Contribution to the UK NHS

The Ghanaian Chronicle A Ghanaian newspaper online

The Pitt Dance Ensemble, University of Pittsburgh - founded in 1983 by Ghanaian ethnomusicologist Willie O. Anku

The Slave ship: Fredensborg UNESCO information project

Touring Ghana   Tourism in Ghana

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database

Volta Aid Foundation   Ashley Bulgarelli & Alex Bansaga's foundation

Volta Association - Maryland, US

WorldReader - Non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child